Internship Information Event

So far this semester I’ve been constantly thinking about how I’m supposed to go about finding an internship for the summer. I haven’t really had a clue on where to start even though Cornell has a plethora of career service facilities and staff. I figured the resume is probably the best place to start. So I made one and then got it revised and critiqued. Next, the cover letter. Finally comes actually submitting my application. The problem is like applying to a college when you’re in high school. I have no clue where I want to submit it; I’m undecided (what a dreaded word). Enter this internship information event on Wednesday. I figure it would help me out best if I poked my head in and browsed around. Even then I didn’t know what I should do where to go or what to say. Then I saw a table that was staffed by some of my college’s career services advisors. I figured to prevent myself from looking clueless as far as what to do I should go over and talk to them.

That was one of the best decisions I made this year. I met Darryl Scott and he more than helped me in terms of explaining to me how to go about finding an internship and gave me the names of some alumni in the fields I was interested in. He also aided me in realizing that just because some government internships are unpaid doesn’t mean I can get “paid” (not just the monetary sense) in the end. He went so far as to give me his e-mail address and office number just in case I couldn’t find the people he had mentioned and/or if I had any questions or wanted to talk to him about my findings. But what impressed me the most was that he recognized me! Not just because I write a blog for Cornell (he knew I did that, which is still admirable) but also because he remembers reading my application from when I applied as a senior in high school. Amazing.