Cashing in at Casino Night

So as part of the first week at Cornell, when orientation is still technically going on, there are some pretty cool events, free ones at that. On Saturday there was a free Motion City Soundtrack concert, organized by the Cornell Concert Commission. Preceding that, on Friday Night, the Welcome Weekend committee put on Casino Night at Willard Straight. How Casino Night works is you receive $380 worth of chips (for free of course, otherwise it would be illegal) and bet them on several different casino games, including roulette, craps, bingo (technically not a casino game), blackjack, and poker (different versions, texas hold em most prominent). At the end, that is whenever you decide to stop or at 1:30AM, whichever comes first, you cash in your chips for tickets. 1 ticket for every $100 worth of chips. I just so happened to turn in my $380 into $7000. Call me a gambling expert because that’s what I am. Honestly though, I won $6000 at bingo, which of course is complete luck. The other $1000 came at roulette, almost complete luck. So for those of you who hate math I received 70 tickets. Next, the tickets are placed to boxes that correspond to prizes that are available, mostly dvd’s, a couple of chairs, a robosaurus, gamecube, cup set, etc. Most of my tickets went into this game chair that sells at Target for $80. It has built-in speakers that can connect to the TV, it rocks back and forth, has a volume and bass control, and includes headphones and has an input for them. It’s also synthetic leather…pretty awesome. The other remaining tickets I put into the V for Vendetta dvd. To cut the suspense of winning, (if there was any) I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t win. The game chair is currently sitting in my dorm room waiting for the Giants to start playing on Sundays. For now it is used when playing Xbox 360. Usually Call of Duty 2.