Let me first say this: For a lack of a better word add/drop at Cornell s interesting. So add/drop refers to adding or dropping classes after you have pre-enrolled in them. For me I pre-enrolled in classes at the end of spring semester of my freshman year. However, one of the classes that I enrolled in had its time changed, which conflicted with another class. As a result I only had 11 credits and 12 is needed to be a full time student. Therefore, I needed to add a course. This is where add/drop comes in. It starts the day before classes and ends roughly a month after classes start. It is done completely over the internet, like the nasdaq stock exchange. Just as hectic too. Add/drop begins at 6:30 in the morning, so it’s quite an eye-opening experience (pun intended). Luckily for me the second class I wanted (Social Welfare as a Social Policy) was available, so my early morning tackle with the add/drop website only lasted for about 20 minutes, most of which was waiting for a database to sort out the thousands of students atempting to find or dispose of a course. Just know it’s an unpleasant necessity and an experience every Cornellian goes through.

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  1. Oh, I have NO sympathy for you. When I was at Cornell (not THAT long ago) there was no such thing as online add/drop. Course Exchange was a one-time madhouse. Cornell passed out tickets with times on them and that was your pass into Course Exchange. You had to go stand in a line that stretched aaaaaalllllll the way across campus (I do not exaggerate) and hours later you would finally make it into Barton Hall, where you would run from folding table to folding table trying to get your add/drop form signed as quickly as possible. The worst possible insult was when you’d waited in line behind ten other people trying to add your course and the person in front of you got the very last spot. If I had to choose between waking up at 6:30 a.m. to sit in front of my computer in my pjs versus waking up at 6:30 a.m., getting dressed, packing a backpack full of food and card games and sunscreen, hiking to campus, and waiting in line outdoors for hours, I would choose the former hands-down. And I think you would too.

  2. Hi Alex –

    I am enjoying reading your blog and remembering times at Cornell. However, one thing that I don’t really care to remember is the terrible add/drop experience (haha!)… but I hope you got all the classes you wanted and got rid of the ones you didn’t! Good luck with the first day of classes today and I hope you have a great semester!

    – Carolyn, ’04 Engineering

  3. I echo the ex-cornellian’s sentiment. The online course add/drop feature is infinitely superior to the course exchange. I have had to endure the course exchange for the first two years I was here. I would leave my dorm room at 5am, to get to Barton by 5:15, and stand in the shivering cold next to Kennedy because that’s where then end of the line is, only to have the required course I need to graduate be filled up by the time I make a frantic dash to the course table. Then, after course exchange, you had to hunt down the main office of the department the classes were in, in order to change anything. The locations of these offices were extremely difficult to find. Thhheeeen, when online add/drop did come about, it took about 2 hours to enroll in any classes, because the 3,000 students who needed to do it were all on line at the same time, bogging down the server. Believe me, despite its faults, the current system is far superior to what it used to be.

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