Let me first say this: For a lack of a better word add/drop at Cornell s interesting. So add/drop refers to adding or dropping classes after you have pre-enrolled in them. For me I pre-enrolled in classes at the end of spring semester of my freshman year. However, one of the classes that I enrolled in had its time changed, which conflicted with another class. As a result I only had 11 credits and 12 is needed to be a full time student. Therefore, I needed to add a course. This is where add/drop comes in. It starts the day before classes and ends roughly a month after classes start. It is done completely over the internet, like the nasdaq stock exchange. Just as hectic too. Add/drop begins at 6:30 in the morning, so it’s quite an eye-opening experience (pun intended). Luckily for me the second class I wanted (Social Welfare as a Social Policy) was available, so my early morning tackle with the add/drop website only lasted for about 20 minutes, most of which was waiting for a database to sort out the thousands of students atempting to find or dispose of a course. Just know it’s an unpleasant necessity and an experience every Cornellian goes through.