Moving In

Well here I am at Cornell! I moved in on Sunday. Classes start on Thursday, and I am currently having a great time meeting new friends and getting together with old ones. I am living on West Campus now (residential living area for non-freshmen undergraduates) in a hall called Carl Becker House. It was built two years ago so my room is practically brand new!! The hall has its own dining hall, library, lounge, mailboxes, and even a music room to hone your instrumental skills. I lost mine after senior year in high school. Speaking of dining hall, I love Cornell food, in fact Princeton Review in their new college guide ranked cornell fourth, but as my tour guide friend Mo (she’s a girl) says on her tours, “It’s number 1 in my heart!” I just finished my shift as an information specialist, if you ever see a tour guide at Cornell, that’s who we are. Tonight I’ll probably bask in the glory of the 2006 Boston Massacre (aka the 5-game sweep the Yankees pulled off against the Red Sox). To finish off, probably the best days of college are the 5 or 6 before classes start when everyone is moving in (and for freshman getting acclamated to campus and experiencing Cornell with all the other newbies). Whichever college you attend make sure that especially during orientation week you take the initiative to meet people because that will make your college experience extremely enjoyable.