Stopping by the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart

Wednesday night I was watching the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart and soon after the Colbert Report. It was my one week anniversary of going into New York City to see the Daily Show Live, which was quite a comedic experience. With all the thrills of witnessing Jon Stewart’s performance live, walking and waiting in the 100 degree heat still makes me sweat thinking about it. To help us get through the oppressive weather that day, the crew of the Daily Show gave us bottled water and ice pops – an unlimited supply. Very refreshing. Kind of like those Sierra Mist commercials. However, why I’m really writing this post (the last before I go back to Cornell) is because tonight on the O’Reilly Factor (I don’t watch the show, I just saw the clip) Geraldo, who seemingly is like a daily appearance on any Fox News Show, deliberately and obviously insult, trash talk, etc. the Daily Show and the Colbert Report saying among other things, “Entertain people by laughing at clips of women slipping on ice,” and “they and their audience do nothing for society.” First, borrowing some terms from Stephen Colbert, O’Reilly you have always been on notice with me, but Geraldo you are dead to me. Realizing that these words among others have come out of a man’s mouth who used to have a talk show that was nothing more than Jerry Springer without the fighting and who has vowed to personally hunt down Osama bin Laden couldn’t make me laugh louder at such a joke as you…and your mustache.