First Stop: A Championship at Delbarton Sports Camp

My second summer job (the other is working at a movie theater) is as a sports camp counselor/coach at Delbarton. I love it because I work in the sports experience camp, which attempts to familiarize all the kids with many different sports as opposed to baseball, football, basketball, etc. which work on their respective sport only. Every day is filled with playing football, lacrosse, baseball, and other sports for the five hours I’m working, and best of all, lunch is free. Anyway, for the third week of July I was assigned a team to coach for the entire week. I quickly and aptly named them Cornell Big Red. There might have been dissent from my team but I didn’t hear it. The week started out strong, the team quickly rose to first place with a 5-1 record after 2 days, our strength being wiffle ball. Wednesday and Thursday brought on a drought due to a four game losing streak, two of which were in lacrosse. I’m a baseball guy, I have no clue how to play that sport and honestly don’t feel like learning it. A .500 record saw us slip to third out of 4 teams and 5 points behind the first place squad. (The scoring system is the same that is used in hockey – 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.) Heading into the final day, a trade engineered by yours truly brought us a football stud. Our team ascended into second by winning at our strength twice, wiffle ball. We were then slated to play the third place team in the semifinals and I was given the honor of choosing which sport to play. Due to the trade earlier in the day I chose football, a choice that was put under much scrutiny since I passed up our bread and butter, wiffle ball. The skepticism was put to rest after my team decisively won it’s game 6-2 (Touchdowns count as 1, fyi I was QB for all 6 of them). An upset brought the 4th seed team to verse us in the championship game. Once again I was given a choice of which sport to play since we were the higher seeded team. Without hesitating, I chose football. The game was closer but came to the same result, a 9-8 victory. And like that Cornell was champ of the sports experience at Delbarton Sports Camp. A green duffle bag with the Delbarton logo was given to the victors.

Now maybe hockey could bring a real championship to Ithaca.