Departing from the Station

For my first post EVER I guess it would be fitting to talk about the Yankees since I’m a sports fanatic and the Boys of Summer are at center stage. Before you read on, if you don’t know much about baseball or don’t like baseball, you probably won’t be interested in this post. I won’t be insulted if you stop here. Anyways, I was working at the movie theater in my hometown of Chester, NJ this afternoon as the trading deadline fast approached. I conveniently brought my laptop with me since many people don’t usually come to the movies on a beach weather monday. I read on, before being mesmorized by Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, that the Yankees traded Shawn Chacon for Craig Wilson and while that didn’t bother me, it rekindled the flames that originated from the trade that brought slugger and star outfielder Bobby Abreu to the Yankees. The Yankees, despite popular belief, don’t need an extra bat. They’re scoring plenty of runs with their small ball that brings back the sweet memories of the chamionship teams of 1996 and ’98. Why do you need another outfielder when Melky Cabrera is becoming a future Bernie Williams and Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui are soon to return from their injuries? Why trade away 4 prospects (one of whom was your first round draft pick in 2005) for a 30 something year old? What does it say to your team who is overcoming so much adversity and is only a game back of the team who must not be named from Boston (btw they’re overrated)? Gary Sheffield’s, for lack of a better term “pissed off”, and I would be too if I were a perennial all-star and a former runner-up MVP who was going to lose his starting position to a .270 hitter. Getting Cory Lidle, fine, no complaints here. Bobby Abreu, everyone says you’re great in the clubhouse, but so is every other Yankee. I wish you stayed in Philadelphia.