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Professor Isbell (anthropology)

Email bji1@cornell.edu
Work Phone 539-6484
Office Location 227 McGraw Hall
Office Hours by appointment
Personal Link http://isbellandes.library.cornell.edu/
I was initially trained in structuralism, symbolism and linguistics and I began research in Ayacucho, Peru in the community of Chuschi as an undergraduate and continued research that eventually resulted in a classic ethnography: To Defend Ourselves, (1978, 1985 and in Spanish 2005). During that period between 1975-1980, I found myself caught in the web of increasing violence and faced the ethical dilemma of what information could be published without endangering the individuals who provided testimonies of mass murders, disappearances and rape. I turned to fiction which resulted in the Finding Cholita, 2009, Univ. of Ill. Press. The narrator, Alice, is a composite figure of an anthropologist working in Peru during the war with Shining Path. My area of expertise is the Andean region of South America and my current interests include: Transgender in the U.S., ethnography and fiction, innovative technologies for teaching; and issues of global development and sustainability. I served as the director of the Andean program for Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development from 1990 until 2002. I also served as director of the Latin American Program at Cornell from 1987 to 1993 and again in 2001-2002. My most recent publications are: “Cornell Returns to Vicos, 2005” In Vicos and Beyond: A Half Century of Applying Anthropology in Peru, Edited by Greaves, Bolton and Zapata, Landman, Md., Alta Mira Press, pp. 283-307, 2009. Finding Cholita, Champaign, University of Illinois Press, 2009. “Written on My Body” In Violence: Anthropological Encounters; edited by Ghassem-Fachandi, London, Berg Press 2009. “Lessons from Vicos” In Anthropology in Action, 2008. “Culture Confronts Nature in the Dialectical World of the Tropics” In Foundations of Archaeoastronomy, edited by Anthony Aveni, Boulder, University of Colorado Press, 2005. Para Defendernos Cusco, Peru, Bartolomé de las Casas, 2004. “Protest Arts from Ayacucho, Peru: Song and Visual Artworks as Validation of Experience” In Quechua Expresivo: La Inscripción de Voces Andinas pp 237-262; edited by G. Delgado and J.M. Schechter; Bonn, Germany: Bonn Americanist Studies. The art and recorded song texts are available on (2) the isbellandes website.

Professor Miller (music)

Email cjm299@cornell.edu
Office Location 112 Lincoln Hall
Office Hours By appointment
Personal Link http://cjmiller.web.wesleyan.edu/
Christopher J. Miller began as Lecturer in the Music at Cornell University in the fall of 2008, teaching an introduction to Indonesia through its arts, and directing the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble. As a PhD candidate in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University, he in completing a dissertation on contemporary art music in Indonesia. He first became involved with this topic and traditional Javanese music in the early 1990s as an undergraduate at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Miller performs regularly with gamelan ensembles throughout the northeastern United States and beyond. As a composer he has created numerous pieces for gamelan – including his MA thesis project at Wesleyan and a computer-driven installation for virtual gamelan—and has collaborated with Indonesian composers. Miller’s article “Orchids (and Other Difficult Flowers) Revisited: A Reflection on Composing for Gamelan in North America” was published in The World of Music in 2005.

Professor Ferro (art)

Email rtf9@cornell.edu
Office Location 420 Tjaden Hall
Office Hours
Personal Link http://renateferro.net

Renate Ferro  (US) is a conceptual artist working in emerging technology and culture. Most recently her work has been featured at The Freud Museum (London), The Dorksy Gallery (NY), The Hemispheric Institute and FOMMA (Mexico), The Janus Pannonius Muzeum (Hungary), and The Free University Berlin (Germany).  Her work has been published in such journals as Diacritics, Theatre Journal, and Epoch. She is a co-moderator for the online new media list serve -empyre-soft-skinned space. Ferro is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at Cornell University teaching digital media and theory. She also directs the Tinker Factory, a creative research lab for Research Design, Creativity, and Interdisciplinary Research.

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