Personally, I just think about the materiality for myself means in two ways: Things are truely we can touch all the time or/and the behavior people in order to have something valuable.

In wiki, it says:

Materiality can refer to distinct concepts in different professions and areas of study:Materiality (auditing)
Materiality (architecture)
Materiality (Interior Design)
Materiality (law)
Materiality (digital text)

So, it should contain many meanings and, different people have different ideas.According to this, the understanding of Lyotard to materiality and immateriality I catched these points:

As for exhibition, works of art exhibited are materiality, they are real things.But “the exhibition” itself is immateriality, it is just a concept symbol which include the spirit of all works here. So you can see, the spirit is also immateriality.

Besides, the word materiality used in philosophy may lead to similar with the second meaning I mentioned at the begining of the article—lots of people tend to pursue valuable things like money, diamonds and so on, it could be materiality and, the world opposite to mental world is also┬ámateriality.

In finance, “materiality is a concept or convention within auditing and accounting relating to the importance/significance of an amount, transaction, or discrepancy”, said from wiki.

In art, it may belongs to the real works.In other areas like law,”materiality is a legal term which can have different meanings, depending on context. When speaking of facts, the term generally means a fact which is ‘significant to the issue or matter at hand’.”—from wiki.

As a result, I decide to choose scented candle to scan. In fact I really don’t know which object is suitable. I have thought about candy, paper clips and glass ball, but there is no glass ball, so finally I put my eyes on the candle.I have never experienced to scan things, so I supposed that whatever it may reflect, the process would be exciting and interesting.

Additionally, materiality may represent for the assignments or exercises, it truely means the improving process of academic.



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