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Spring is coming – tune up your weather stations

The 2019 growing season will be here in another few weeks. Now is the perfect time to give your Rainwise weather stations a tune-up. Use the checklist below to make sure you are getting the best possible data feed from your machine.

If your Rainwise station is getting old (>6 years) consider replacing the machine if this decision suits your farm management needs. A 2017 online survey of current NEWA users found that 75% of growers are saving money on their spray bill with average annual savings of $4,329 from reduced pesticide applications and $33,048 in avoided crop losses.

To get in touch with Rainwise support for station servicing or replacement of your weather station sensor assembly please reach out to the RainWise Inc. Service Department for consultation by phone (207) 801-4039 or email service@rainwise.com.

Contact support@newa.zendesk.com with other questions regarding the online NEWA platform at newa.cornell.edu.

Spring weather station tune up checklist

Set a maintenance schedule. Check your weather station every 2 or 3 weeks through the growing season. Choose dates in advance and add to your calendar or planner.

Clean the solar radiation sensor. The diffuser can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Replace the sensor if has turned yellow.

Check the anemometer and weather vane. Make sure the anemometer (spinning fan) and weather vane move freely in all directions. Set the weather vane to zero on due North.

Check the leaf wetness sensor. Examine the plastic board and electrodes for corrosion, cracking or weathering damage.

Check the relative humidity sensor. Verify the accuracy of RH measurements by looking at NEWA values on mornings that are rainy or have heavy dew.

Clean the rain gauge. Remove leaves, nests, insect, spider webs and other debris. Set a schedule. Watch this video and learn more about tipping bucket maintenance.

Add a weather station to NEWA

Weather station owners who link with NEWA can testify to the usefulness of local real-time management information. Read this article to learn more about the process of linking a privately-owned weather station to NEWA.

Talk to your NEWA state coordinator

Contact your NEWA state coordinator before making any station purchase decision. NEWA partners with member states throughout the eastern and central United States to provide local grower support and expertise. Your coordinator can provide information specific to your state, answer questions about the NEWA platform, direct commodity questions to appropriate extension or university resources, and identify possible training opportunities for you.

View a list of NEWA state coordinators

Research your weather station options

NEWA models and tools require a specific configuration of weather station sensors to work. Understand all aspects of purchasing and maintaining a weather station before making the investment by reading our station buying guide and talking to our weather station vendor, Rainwise, Inc. Your NEWA state coordinator also has a lot of experience managing and maintaining his or her own machines, helping other growers in your state, and working with NEWA.

View the NEWA weather station buying guide

Weather stations are similar to any other investment on your farm. Tractors and combines require scheduled maintenance and checks throughout the season, and a long-term plan for capitalization. The same is true with a professional weather station. Understand upfront costs, maintenance, and calibration needs, as well as warranty coverage.

Talk to your NEWA state coordinator before making a purchase. Read the NEWA station buying guide. Talk to other growers you know who also have weather station linked to NEWA.

Purchase a weather station

When you are ready to purchase a station, contact Rainwise, Inc., the weather station vendor for NEWA. Review the NEWA station buying guide and understand specifications, add-ons, warranty coverage, maintenance requirements, and lifespan. Rainwise, Inc. is a weather station vendor that provides hardware and an online software platform (rainwise.net) to growers, from which NEWA gathers weather information to be used at newa.cornell.edu.

A note about NEWA and Rainwise, Inc.

You become a customer of Rainwise, Inc. after purchasing a weather station. NEWA is not affiliated with Rainwise, Inc., and does not receive monetary compensation or commission for weather stations purchased with the intent for use with NEWA.

The NEWA platform (newa.cornell.edu) is part of the New York State IPM Program at Cornell University. Rainwise, Inc. is a vendor of weather stations that are compatible with the NEWA. Questions about models and resources hosted at newa.cornell.edu should be directed to your NEWA state coordinator. If your state does not have a listed coordinator, reach out to NEWA staff directly at newa@cornell.edu.


Your weather station is sitting in a big box in your farm office. What now? Follow the advice of your NEWA state coordinator and Rainwise, Inc. regarding station installation and linking with rainwise.net. The process may vary slightly depending on the topography and layout of your farm.


Several verification steps must be completed before NEWA can create a location at newa.cornell.edu using data from your rainwise.net weather station account. Finish these tasks before making a request to join newa.cornell.edu.

Verify your rainwise.net account settings

Talk to your NEWA state coordinator…again!

At this point, talk to your NEWA state coordinator again. He or she will need information about your location, station hardware, contact information, and confirmation that settings have been checked in rainwise.net, which operates independently of the NEWA platform at newa.cornell.edu.

Welcome to NEWA

If you follow the steps described above, communicate with your NEWA state coordinator, confirm weather station settings on rainwise.net, and provide needed station information, no further action is required. It takes three to five business days to link data coming from your account at rainwise.net to newa.cornell.edu and to verify that information is accurate.

A note from the Rainwise service department

Please take a moment to read this important message. If you have questions or comments call the Rainwise Service Department directly at (207) 801 4039 between the hours of 8AM and 4PM Monday to Friday.

Dan Olmstead, NEWA Coordinator


RainWise Inc. – Service Department

Submitted by: RainWise Service Manager

November 15, 2017

This past summer and fall has been what we could call “The Perfect Storm” of events that caused a severe backlog of work. Summer and fall is typically always a busy time for our company and we were right in the middle of all that. Then we experienced unplanned immediate staff changes here at RainWise Inc., which resulted in us having to reassign other positions to cover the loss.

After trying to keep up with the business of the season and catching our breath from the changes, the United States then had severe weather-related situations around the country (i.e., hurricane in Texas, hurricane Irma in Florida and surrounding areas, as well as many forest fires on the west coast.) As recent as two weeks ago here in Maine, our Governor declared a state of emergency because of hurricane gusts that came through doing substantial damage and causing extended damage around our state with trees down, power outages, road closures, etc. etc. This all combined created a massive increase of business to all departments here at RainWise Inc., mostly starting in the service department.

Even though we had to do some internal shifting around at our office, some of the remaining people had scheduled vacations that had been on the calendar for months, and so we honored their requested time off, which would not have typically been a problem if all the above-mentioned things had not taken place. So key people were out for chunks of time that made the backlog worse. In addition to scheduled vacations some of those same key people experienced family medical emergencies this past summer and fall.

At this point we were all in a bit of disbelief at all the situations that caused us to get so backlogged. Our current acting Service Manager, Ralph maintains a “under promise, over deliver” mentality when dealing with customers so out of necessity he starting to quote lead times on repairs as high as 8 to 10 weeks. Knowing that it most likely would be a bit less than that, he wanted to make sure the information we were giving to customers was accurate, as to not have unrealistic expectations.

During this time, it certainly felt like we were fighting a losing battle and we were fully aware of customer’s needs. All the staff of RainWise rolled up their sleeves and dug in one day at a time, and did everything within our resources to get caught back up and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, November 15, 2017 I am happy to report that we are back on par. We are at the status that we were at before any of the above-mentioned things occurred. With winter arriving soon and “the season” winding down we feel as though business should resume as normal from here on out. We certainly appreciate all our customer’s patience and understanding during this time, and we sincerely apologize that we may not have been able to assist you in a timelier manner as we always have in the past. We hope that this “perfect storm” scenario does not happen again, but we believe if it does, we will be much better prepared.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact our Service Department directly at (207) 801-4039 – We are typically here Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm. **Just as a courtesy, we would like you to know our department will be closed Thanksgiving week November 21st to November 24th. RainWise Offices are open Monday – Wednesday that week.