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NEWA annual reports are available to the public

NEWA publishes a yearly report for stakeholders. These summaries document NEWA IPM extension to New York State growers along with other users served by NEWA partners. NEWA is a program of the New York State IPM Program which is part of Cornell Cooperative Extension.

A complete listing of annual reports is available here:

Click here for a list of NEWA annual reports

Each NEWA report includes an annual summary of the following:

  • operation and maintenance
  • geographic expansion
  • web use statistics
  • outreach
  • existing model upgrades
  • new model development
  • grants, projects, and initiatives
  • publications

Twenty-one NEWA annual reports are available for download, beginning in 1996 when NEWA was established by NYSIPM. Reports are published in January of each year.

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Grape berry moth strategies for the ’17 growing season

Tim Weigle (NYSIPM, LERGP) and Andy Muza (Penn State, LERGP) have some pest management tips and suggestions to avoid grape berry moth management. Insect development, scouting. insecticide selection and use of the NEWA grape berry moth model are discussed in this weekly episode of  the LERGP video blog from 21 June 2017.