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NEWA models and data are restored

At 1 AM on Thursday June 11, server errors caused a temporary site-wide data outage. As a result, the NEWA website was unable to fetch data for any of our weather, IPM, or crop management tools.

As of 6 AM today, Saturday June 13, data access has been restored for all locations.

No data were lost or compromised during this incident.

The NEWA team understands this is a critical period in the growing season and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

As always, please reach out to if you have additional questions or concerns.

Dan Olmstead, NEWA Coordinator, New York State IPM Program

NEWA user feedback is needed. Please help us now!

NEWA is in the process of redesigning our website to make information that is most important to you easier to find. Right now, we are working with a User Experience Specialist at Cornell University who is helping us figure out what these things are and where to show them on the website.

Please consider taking 10 minutes of your time to help us! Click on the link below to take this test at your leisure over the next week or two.

The input you provide will help us to create a better online experience!

Malusim app released!

We are pleased to announce the official release of the Malusim app, including an android and an iOS version. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store, OR use the app from any browser at (note that speech recognition features are not supported in the browser version of the app).

IMPORTANTIf you used the 2018 beta version of the Malusim app for Android:

Uninstall the 2018 beta version of the Malusim app for Android from your devices before downloading the new release from the Google Play Store. Why? Because the data storage method has changed, and any changes you make to your data in the old app will not be accessible via the new app on any of the supported platforms.

You can continue to access any data that you entered last year – however, remember that when entering data for this year, you should clone any existing locations, rather than editing them and simply updating the year. Cloning will allow you to access data from previous years in the future.

We welcome any feedback on the Malusim app. Send comments to Terence Robinson,, Cornell University.