Enviroweather and NEWA in Michigan – meet your coordinator

Dr. Keith Mason is the coordinator of Enviroweather at Michigan State University. He facilitates and helps manage the various projects within the Enviroweather program. He serves as liaison between MSU researchers, MSU Extension, Enviroweather staff and its partners, supporters and users. Keith also works with agricultural and horticultural industry representatives to identify and implement Enviroweather projects that align with commodity needs. He also works to educate users about Enviroweather tools, while working to identify new users and areas for expanding resources. Keith comes to Enviroweather with almost twenty yearsof experience in Integrated Pest Management working as a research assistant in the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University. During that time Keith coordinated several multi-state, on-farm research/extension projects in grapes and blueberries.

eweather@msu.edu | 517.432.6520