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NEWA in Pennsylvania – meet your state coordinator

Rob Crassweller
NEWA PA Coordinator
Professor of Horticulture, State Extension Specialist for Tree Fruit
Penn State University
I have been at Penn State since 1984 and prior to that was at the University of Georgia from 1980 through 1983. Did my undergraduate work at Miami University in Oxford, OH in Botany. I received my Horticulture graduate degrees at Ohio State University working under Dr. Dave Ferree. My primary areas of expertise are tree fruit rootstocks, training systems, cultivars and plant nutrition. In the late 1980’s I was part of the PSU team that developed expert systems for orchard management that released the Penn State Apple Orchard Consultant (PSAOC) program. This could be considered a forerunner of the NEWA products. I oversee approximately 11 acres of research/teaching orchards at Rock Springs in central Pennsylvania about 10 miles from the main campus.
Rob Crassweller collaborates with the New York State IPM Program to provide NEWA to growers in PA and is the state-wide coordinator for anyone in this state interested in learning more about this online decision aid system.