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  Cornell University

Managing Farm & Forest Landscapes

Integrating climate mitigation with healthy air, clean water, and vibrant economies


The goal of our research is to identify meaningful and pragmatic response to a changing climate for farm and forest owners.

We strive to quantify real opportunities where landowners can incorporate climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies into financially viable land management strategies.


We have organized this site for Managers of Farms, Forests, and Energy Use, but our work developing real Climate Mitigation Strategies intersect with:

  • Nutrient Management
  • Soil Health
  • Water Quality
  • Renewable Energy
  • Land Use
  • Air Quality
  • Forest Management
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Fossil Fuel Displacement
  • Energy Conservation & Efficiency
  • Land-Sparing
  • Pollution
  • Manure Management
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Long-lived Wood Products
  • EcoSystem Services
  • Resource Conservation


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