Sacks Research Lab – Flavor, Food, Chemistry

Current Lab Members

Graduate Student / Post-doc
Research Project
Madeleine Bee (PhD) Rapid measurements of trace volatiles
Ted Russin (PhD) In-mouth retention of flavor compounds
Jessie Rafson (PhD) Spatially resolved measurements of trace volatiles
Rachel Allison (PhD) Identifying precursors of sulfurous off-aromas in wines
Terry Bates (PhD) Volatile phenotyping of Vitis spp
Ana Gaby Ortiz (PhD) Nanofiltration for grape juice and acid whey
Demi Perry (PhD)  Deodorization of Concord juice for use in premium wine
 Heather Scott (Technician)  Management of VitisGen2 grape phenotyping project
 Noam Reshef (post-doc)  Organic acid metabolism in wild grapes (Vitis spp.)


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