Sacks Research Lab – Flavor, Food, Chemistry

Welcome to the Sacks Lab

Our goals: to develop new analytical approaches for measuring compounds important to the organoleptic properties of foodstuffs; and to use these approaches to understand and guide decision-making by plant breeders, winemakers, food processors and other partners to achieve foodstuffs with desirable properties.

(in other words, we want to make sure that whatever you eat and drink doesn’t taste, smell, or look bad)

Several of our projects are on wines and grapes, but we work broadly within the range of flavor chemistry. You can find a full list of our publications here, and descriptions of recent research topics below:

  • Sorbent meshes (SPMESH) combined with ambient-ionization mass spectrometry (AI-MS) for rapid trace volatile measurements and mass spectral imaging (MSi) of volatiles

  • Characterizing causes and remediation strategies for undesirable traits (low tannin, high acid, herbaceousness) in wines

  • Fate and activity of redox-active species in wine, particularly H2S, S(0), and SO2

Group photo, August 2017

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