Wildlife Health Cornell, a College of Veterinary Medicine Center of Excellence, represents an unprecedented approach to the health challenges wild animals face here in the northeast U.S. and around the world – a comprehensive, science-based response by a team of the world's top wildlife health experts.

With an emphasis on the types of interdisciplinary collaboration often required to foster real progress along the science to policy and action continuum, Wildlife Health Cornell has grown out of a palpable sense of genuine urgency regarding the fate of our planet's wildlife, an increasing understanding of our own dependence on the planet's natural systems, and the recognition that it will take a new generation of colleagues to halt and reverse the trends we face.

Learn about the exciting things the scientists on our Wildlife Health Cornell team are doing around the world to support the health of wildlife, people, domestic animals — and of the environment that supports us all. Please visit us at wildlifehealthcornell.org.