ZAWS Journal Club

ZAWS Journal Club is a monthly journal club hosted by the Zoo and Wildlife Society.  Students read articles on specific topics in wildlife medicine and a wildlife resident guides the discussion.  Journal Club is a great opportunity to stay up-to-date on research, get help with interpreting and critiquing the scientific literature, and interact with the zoological medicine clinicians and faculty. Check the class listservs for sign-up information each month!

Previous Journal Club topics include:
– Rodent Diseases
– Avian Diseases
– Hoofstock

Journal Club Instructions:
– Choose one of 10 journal articles (provided each month) and read it prior to journal club
– Enter your article selection in the appropriate space in the sign-up sheet
– Bring any questions, comments, points of discussion that the article may have raised for you (the more you bring, the better!)
– Feel free to come with any questions you may have for how the papers relate to the practice of medicine/your curriculum
-We’ll cover different journals (JZWM, JWD, JAMS, JEMS, JEPM, etc.) and themes every month so feel free to make a request.
– Dr. Hopf will guide the discussion and answer questions.

Why you should participate in Journal Club:
–  Learn how to read and critique scientific literature.  Note – not only will you have to do this on clinics, for your senior seminar, and for your entire career, but if you want to be board-certified, you need to write papers and know the current literature for the exam.
– It’s completely ok if you’ve never done this before, we will help you!
– Discuss cool, cutting-edge zoo, wildlife, and exotics stuff.  This is not stuff that we learn in our curriculum.
– Spend time with some awesome people in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment. 🙂
– Sometimes, read the work of your very own professors and/or residents!
– It’s FUN!

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