Dinner Event: Careers in Wildlife Conservation, Zoo, and Exotic Medicine

When: Wednesday, August 29th, 5:00-6:30pm
Where: Lecture Hall 5, the vet school
At this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from and interview some of the world’s top experts, spanning the fields of zoological and exotic medicine, wildlife health policy, and reproduction. Come prepared with questions!
Dinner will be served for the first 50 people–RSVP here

Lunch Lecture: “What can we really do about emerging amphibian diseases”

Wildlife Disease Association and Pathology Club are proud to present Wildlife pathologist, Dr.  María Forzán, who will speak about emerging amphibian diseases. This lecture will focus on salamander chytrid (Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans) as a potential threat to North American Species.

Thai food will be served!

Sign up for lunch here!

Please remember to bring your own plates and utensils!

Lunch and Dinner lectures: Two Events with Dr. Jeff Wyatt

Being Relevant- 
A Challenge for the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), 
Zoo Veterinarians, & Students Considering a Zoo Career​
Dr. Jeff Wyatt
May 1st
Join Jeff Wyatt, an AZA Accreditation Commissioner and Seneca Park Zoo veterinarian, sharing his “Behind the Scenes”  perspective for veterinary and conservation biology students interested in pursing a career at a zoo or an aquarium.

Transforming Health & Protecting the Environment in Borneo:
Improving Loggers’ Lives, Saving the Rainforest & Orangutans
Dr. Jeff Wyatt
May 1st
Please remember to bring your own plates and utensils!

Dinner lecture: Reproductive Aging in Female Cheetahs and Naked Mole Rats

What: ZAWS will be hosting a dinner lecture with Dr. Ned Place! Dr. Place’s lab focuses on comparative mammalian reproductive endocrinology/physiology, aging, and behavior. Female Naked Mole Rats and Cheetahs are both unique in the animal world for their pattern of reproductive aging. Come learn more about this topic from Dr. Place himself as he discusses his work with these two amazing species!

Sign up for dinner here.  Please remember to bring your own plates and utensils.

When: Tuesday, April 17, 5-6pm

Where: Lecture Hall 1, the vet school

Dinner lecture and lab: Turtle shell Repair

ZAWS will host another lecture and lab oppportunity!  The lecture will be held in LH4 followed by a hands on opportunity to “perform” turtle shell repair in the Gross Lab.

The lecture is open to everyone, but because of a limited supply of specimens the lab is limited to the first 24 DUES PAYING MEMBERS.

Please wear scrubs and close toed shoes!

Dinner will be served at the lecture (from 6-7)!
Please bring your own plates and utensils!

When: Thursday April 12, 6-7 pm (lecture), 7-9 pm (lab)

Where: Lecture hall 4 for the lecture, the Gross (Bilinski) Laboratory for the lab (both located in the vet school)