Chronic Wasting Disease & Brainworm Lecture & Necropsy Lab

Chronic Wasting Disease & Brainworm Lecture & Necropsy Lab
Thursday, November 30th
5 -7PM @ Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Join ZAWS and Pathology Club for a lecture and lab on Chronic Wasting Disease & Brainworm infections in native ungulates, with Dr. Krysten Schuler and Anatomic Pathology Residents! Lecture will discuss control of these diseases in wild ungulates, and how to collect samples for diagnosis (with specimen demonstration). In lab we will be collecting samples from white-tailed deer specimens so please wear scrubs/lab coat!

Dinner will be served at 5PM in the atrium of the AHDC, followed by a lecture in Show and Tell, and finally dissections on white-tailed deer cadavers on the necropsy floor at 6PM.
If you intend on participating in the lab, you must attend the lecture (we have space for 54 people in the lab).

The lab is open to dues-paying members only! Pay $15 ZAWS dues to Margaret Odom, or $5 Pathology dues to Joann Lam before the event.

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