Symposium: Register for Special Species Symposium 2017

The logo for the 2017 Special Species Symposium at Cornell University, created by Eden Stark and Isabel Jimenez, DVM students ’19.

The Special Species Symposium is a weekend-long event bringing together students and professionals interested in veterinary medicine and animal management as it relates to so-called “special species,” including zoo animals, wildlife, exotics, and pocket pets.  Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine host the event in alternating years.

This year the theme is climate change. Our program will address how climate change is altering species survival, and what veterinarians are doing and can do to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. We will also present clinical lectures given by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine clinicians.

Learn more and register for the conference at the Special Species Symposium website.

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