Youth Waterfowl Hunt- Pan Seared Duck

Today was the first day of the youth waterfowl weekend.  Every year NYS DEC offers youth ages 12-15 an opportunity to hunt waterfowl before the regular season opens. It is a great way to get youth involved in hunting with a special weekend when they can have the birds all to themselves.  The youth must be accompanied by a NYS licensed adult hunter and have licenses and HIP numbers.  Two young ladies I know had an excellent morning with their dog and father as their guide and were able to bring food to the table.youth hunt 2015




They harvested a lovely blue wing teal.

teal youth hunt





The feathers are easily removed from the skin over the breast meat.   Make a careful cut along the breast bone and then angle the knife across the rib cage to remove the breast meat.

teal duck breasting youth wknd









Then pop the leg joint and use your knife to include the leg with the breast meat.

teal cleaning popping leg jointYou then will have two halves with skin intact.

teal halves youth hunt 2015







The feet should be removed.  If you carefully break that joint and cut just through the skin, the tougher leg tendon can be pulled out with the foot piece.

teal tendon

Any remaining feathers and down can be singed off.teal feather singe








teal youth finished dish

Marinate the pieces in a fruity vinaigrette, such as a black raspberry or balsamic cherry for a few hours. Then get a skillet hot with just a light coating of olive oil.  Sear the skin (fat) side first for about three minutes until seared and golden brown.  Turn the meat over and cook the other side an additional three minutes. Remove the meat from the heat and cover loosely with foil. Arrange a plate with salad greens.  Slice the cooked duck, which should be medium rare to medium and place the duck over the lettuce leaves.  Drizzle with additional dressing.  If you know where a shagbark hickory nut tree is, these nuts are excellent sprinkled on top.  Almonds or walnuts would also be nice.

teal legs with hickor nuts youth hunt 2015


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