September Goose Season: increased bag limits = more for the pot!

New York State made some significant changes to the September goose season, including a 15 per day bag limit, in an effort to decrease the over abundant resident geese populations.  Here are the major changes noted on the NY DEC website:

Special Regulations (New)

In addition to the higher bag limit, three other changes will be in effect during the September season in most areas: 1) shooting hours will be extended to one-half hour after sunset instead of the usual closing at sunset; 2) hunters will be allowed to use electronic calling devices to help entice geese within shooting range (typically 50 yards or less); and 3) hunters will be allowed to use shotguns capable of holding more than three shells at a time, but no more than seven. The only time and place where these three measures are not allowed are during September 21-22 in the Northeastern Waterfowl Hunting Zone. That is the Youth Waterfowl Hunt weekend in that area, when junior hunters may be afield hunting both ducks and geese. Federal regulations do not allow the special measures for Canada geese whenever any other waterfowl hunting seasons are open.

License Requirements

To participate in the September Canada goose hunting season, hunters must: 1) have a 2012-13 (last year’s) hunting license, with small game hunting privileges, as these licenses remain valid through September 30, 2013; and 2) be registered for 2013-14 in New York’s Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program (HIP). HIP registrations expire on June 30 annually, so all hunters must register now to hunt during September. To register in HIP, call toll-free 1-888-427-5447 (1-888-4 ASK HIP) or visit the New York’s Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program website (which can be found in the right hand column of this page).

Hunters age 16 years or older must also have a new (2013-14) federal duck stamp to hunt during the September goose season. Federal duck stamps cost $15 and are available at most post offices and some sporting goods stores. They are also available by calling toll-free 1-800-852-4897 or you can visit the Duck Stamp website (which can be located in the right hand column of this page). Stamps must be signed across the face by the hunter before they become valid, but they do not have to be attached to the hunting license.

Savory Slow-cooked Goose


2 lb. goose breast (about the amount of breast meat from one Canada goose), cubed
1/2 cup lite soy sauce
1 Tbsp olive or canola oil
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 garlic clove, crushed or 1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup dry white wine or cooking wine
1 1/2 cup beef broth
1.5 Tbsp tomato paste
1 lb. sliced mushrooms
1 small onion, diced
salt, pepper, and desired herbs to taste


  1. In a large plastic or glass bowl or resealable plastic bag, combine the soy sauce, oil, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and garlic; add goose. Seal and turn to coat. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.
  2. Drain and discard marinade. Place flour in another large resealable plastic bag; add goose in batches and shake to coat. In a large skillet over medium heat, brown goose in butter on all sides. Stir in the white wine to deglaze the pan, by scraping up browned bits with a wooden spoon from the bottom of the pan.
  3. Transfer to a 3-qt. slow cooker. Add the broth, tomato paste, mushrooms, and onions. Cover and cook on high for 4-5 hours or until meat is tender. Serve with potatoes, noodles or brown rice. Yield: about 8 servings.

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