Principal Investigator


Dr. Kyle Wickings

Phone: (315) 787-2337

Wickings CV

325 Barton Lab, 630 West North Street, Geneva, New York 14456




Abigail Wentworth


Phone: (315) 787-2334

B.S. Geology: Environmental Earth Science, State University of New York at Oswego

323 Barton Laboratory

Graduate Students

A woman holds a leaf such that it appears larger than her face.Natalie Bray (Ph.D. Student)


M.A. Conservation Biology, Columbia University

B.A. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University

6140 Comstock Hall / 311 Barton Laboratory

I am interested in soil microarthropod ecology and in how soil microarthropods affect microbial communities and belowground carbon cycling.


Lindsay Fennell (M.S./ Ph.D. Student)


B.S. Agricultural Sciences, Cornell University

6140 Comstock Hall/ 311 Barton Laboratory

My field of interest is entomology as it applies to soil ecology and soil biological health. I am driven to find ways to better manage agricultural systems, through harnessing the direct and indirect services of soil organisms. I am currently investigating the links and trade-offs between pest management practices and soil health management practices. 


Science Water Calibrator

A small girl holds a Falcon tube full of water in an improperly-gloved hand.



 Former Lab Members

Dr. Huijie Gan -Post-Doctoral Researcher

Maxwell Helmberger – Graduate Student

Dr. Pengfei Wu – Visiting Scholar

Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. of China