Principal Investigator


Dr. Kyle Wickings

Phone: (315) 787-2337

Wickings CV

325 Barton Lab, 630 West North Street, Geneva, New York 14456




Lab Manager

Abigail Wentworth


Phone: (315) 787-2334

B.S. Geology: Environmental Earth Science, State University of New York at Oswego

323 Barton Laboratory


Graduate Students

A woman holds a leaf such that it appears larger than her face.Natalie Bray (Ph.D. Student)


M.A. Conservation Biology, Columbia University

B.A. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University

6140 Comstock Hall / 311 Barton Laboratory

I am interested in soil microarthropod ecology and in how soil microarthropods affect microbial communities and belowground carbon cycling.



Lindsay Fennell (M.S./ Ph.D. Student)


B.S. Agricultural Sciences, Cornell University

6140 Comstock Hall/ 311 Barton Laboratory

My field of interest is entomology as it applies to soil ecology and soil biological health. I am driven to find ways to better manage agricultural systems, through harnessing the direct and indirect services of soil organisms. I am currently investigating the links and trade-offs between pest management practices and soil health management practices. 


Science Water Calibrator

A small girl holds a Falcon tube full of water in an improperly-gloved hand.



 Former Lab Members

Dr. Huijie Gan -Post-Doctoral Researcher

Maxwell Helmberger – Graduate Student

Dr. Pengfei Wu – Visiting Scholar

Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu, Sichuan, P.R. of China

Postdoc position available in Bioacoustic Detection of Soil Animals

The Soil Arthropod Ecology Lab is searching for a postdoc to work on bioacoustic detection of soil animals!

Soil dwelling arthropods are diverse, and their populations are distributed heterogeneously.  Current methods for detecting and monitoring of soil arthropods are expensive and labor intensive for pest managers and scientists alike.  The primary objective of this position will be to develop methods for using bioacoustic techniques for detecting soil-dwelling invertebrates and for distinguishing acoustic signals generated by root-feeding pests, ecosystem engineers, and decomposers.   The project will entail working in the field and lab with bioacoustics equipment to characterize acoustic signals from field populations and to establish laboratory soil arenas with distinct arthropod composition to evaluate how acoustic signals change under changing soil animal structure.

The position will be housed in the Soil Arthropod Ecology Lab within the Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Cornell AgriTech, Geneva, NY 14456.  Anticipated start date for the position is Summer-Fall 2018.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Wickings directly at