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Reserving Space


Weill Hall is the cornerstone of Cornell’s Life Sciences initiative, providing state of the art facilities to advance research in the life sciences and to facilitate collaborations among faculty, staff, and students from biological, physical, engineering, medical, computational, and social sciences, as well as the many other disciplines essential to the institution’s premier position in the life sciences.

Although research laboratories and offices constitute the primary allocations of space in Weill Hall, there are a variety of areas, including conference rooms and an atrium that are available for reserved use.  Use of the facility will generally be restricted to the Weill Hall community. However, Weill Hall facilities (including the Atrium and related food service facilities and lecture, meeting and other rooms) are fundamentally part of Cornell University facilities and will be made available to Cornell departments, Cornell affiliated groups sponsored by a Cornell department, alumni and Cornell student organizations, subject to three conditions:

  • Use of those facilities will not disturb or otherwise inhibit Weill Hall activities;
  • The entity using the facilities will take proper care of the facilities and behave properly; and
  • The entity will be charged a fee, based on direct costs.

Weill Hall management reserves the right to refuse reservations it believes are not in keeping with the facility’s mission or could jeopardize its security.

Rooms are available for reservation on a first come, first serve basis and may not be reserved more than one year in advance.

Hours Available

Events and use of space may normally be scheduled between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Special accommodations can be made for weekend events.  Weill Hall is dedicated to research in life sciences.  As such, the building is used by researchers and students 24 hours a day, all year long.  Areas can be sectioned off for specific use but the building is continually occupied and active.  If you are considering using Weill Hall’s First Floor Atrium for an event, you should be prepared to be a co-user along with students, faculty, and researchers.  Pedestrian through-traffic, daily student and campus business may limit plans to use this area for an exclusive purpose.

All event planners must complete a Reservation and Use Agreement Form and return it to the Weill Hall Administrative Coordinator at prior to the scheduled event.  Any event including catered food, alcohol, more than 200 attendees, takes place outdoors or has money that is collected must complete the University Use of Property Form.

Forms and Links:

Weill Hall Reservation and Use Agreement

Weill Hall Space Reservation and Use Policy

Use of University Property Form

CU Approved Caterer List

AV Support

University Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Request Custodial Services

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