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Welcome to all things Cooperative Extension!  Don’t forget to check out our Calendar and News links above!  Find out more about CCE in our Centennial Celebration Video!   Or our video about the Cornell’s Land Grant Mission.

Would you like more information about our programs?  Send us your questions at  wayne@cornell.edu!  Check out our summer newsletter and 2015 Annual Report and Newsletter . To get on the mailing list, please call, 315-331-8145 or email wayne@cornell.edu

Employment Opportunities:  We accept job inquiries through the year.  We are particularly interested in people with a nutrition background.  If you would like to learn about future opportunities, please email your resume to “wayne@cornell.edu”.  We currently have a Nutrition Community Educator position, open until Dec 14.  (posted 11/30/15).   Please go to:  jobs.cce.cornell.edu, requisition #26387.   This is the only place that we can officially accept your application for current job openings.    Please click here for the position description.  Our Nutrition Team Coordinator is filled and Creating Healthy Communities Coordinator is closed.   In addition, if you have an accounting background, we may also need additional part time help on an as needed basis, please email us your resume!  Continue to watch here for open positions.   

Other Employment opportunities with Cornell Cooperative Extension.


4-H and Agriculture Enrollment is available!

More info on 4-H is on our 4-H website and you can still enroll and find out more info by calling the office or emailing to wayne@cornell.edu

2015 Ag Enrollment is now available (but wait, 2016 will be available after Thanksgiving) ! Enroll now by printing out these two pages and mailing in your form. More information about our regional agriculture teams is available on our Ag Specialist Page. Sign up now to get all the specialist teams’ newsletter and educational activities announcement.  CCE Wayne now has information for growers of all commodities  with the addition of our new  for 2015 – Finger Lakes Grape Program, enroll now!


Farmers’ Markets are winding down!  Attached is the listing of markets in the Wayne County area.  There may be some winter markets that will start soon.   Check out the Northeast Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables website.


Master Gardeners: Master Gardeners are winding down.  Volunteers are available to answer your questions if you leave a message.  Please leave a detailed message at (315)331-8415 ext. 107 or e-mail us at mgwayne@cornell.edu. Please include your telephone number so a Master Gardener will be able to return a call to you or get more information if necessary. Also please provide your mailing address so that we can send you a fact sheet or other relevant material that may be available.

If you need to drop off a plant, insect, or soil sample you can do so from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Our office is located at 1581 Rte. 88 North in Newark. You can also email questions to mgwayne@cornell.edu

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardner program is a program run with and for our specially trained volunteers.  Only those volunteers who have completed 100+ hours of training and have passed an exam can consider themselves Master Gardeners.  We are very proud of our dedicated group of volunteers!


Click here to go tot he New York Extension Disaster Education Network page

Click here to go to the New York Extension Disaster Education Network page

Emergency Preparedness Resources You can Use: General information on emergency preparedness is available through NY EDEN (Extension Disaster Education Network), a resource of Cornell Cooperative Extension.  This is a collaboration with NYS Emergency Preparedness and FEMA.  At the NY site, you can also access the national website and see all the information available through our network of collaborators.  At that site there are links and specific fact sheets that you would need in an emergency, like: potential source of water in a drought, what to do with food in the refrigerator or freezer when the electricity goes out, how to care for pets when supplies are limited, etc.  Please check out these resources or call the office with specific questions.


Cornell Cooperative Extension Board of Directors: Persons with an interest in serving a three year term as a member of our Board of Directors are encouraged to submit an application throughout the year. Applications are taken throughout the year.   Final applications, prior to elections, are usually due the last Friday in August.  Elections only take place at our annual meeting, normally held on the first Friday in November.    Individuals who bring a diverse perspective and are supportive of diversity are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information please read the press release here.  For 2015:  Board meetings are normally held the first Tuesday  of the month at 5:00pm at the CCE Office in Newark. Operating Guidelines of the Board of Directors can be found here.  There are some changes in this year’s meeting schedule due to holidays:  There will be no board meeting on July 7.  Likewise, in September, there will be no board meeting on Sept 1, it will be held on Tuesday, Sept 15 at 5pm.  The Board does not normally meet in August or in November.  The Board of Directors sets direction for all current and new programs of Cornell Cooperative Extension Wayne County, in addition to having responsibility for finance and human resources for the association. Applications are reviewed by the nominations committee. There are special eligibility requirements, please check Article V of the Constitution, found on our “About Us” tab located above.   This year’s annual meeting will be held November 6, 2015.


We are always looking for volunteers, whether to serve on our Board of Directors, become a 4-H Club or Project Leader, or become a trained member of our Master Gardeners!  Please contact us for more information and learn more about becoming a volunteer for CCE through our YouTube video!


Clyde, Savannah and Galen residents, click here for the SOAR (Strengthening Our Area Residents) application and information for resident health improvement projects: SOAR application for health improvement projects.


Check out the calendar tab above for more direction information on upcoming classes and workshops!

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  1. What would grubs be doing in a tree? A large cherry tree fell over in our back yard and when we cut it up, a section about 3 feet long was rotting out near the top and it was filled with what appearded to be black dirt. In this dirt we found 5 or 6 large grubs. above this section was a birds nest, maybe a Pileated Woodpecker. Do these birds store grubs in their nest?

    Thank You, Ed Snyder

  2. I have a oak tree (huge and old) that doesn’t shed many of its leaves until the spring. This year however, it has retained maybe 50 percent of its leaves. Is this common with oak trees?

    Also, in the spring, I have “tons” of acorns on the ground .(the squirrels left them alone!). My grass is dead because of them. Is there a way I can stop this from happening without harming the tree. It is a beautiful tree.

  3. We have had a male Pileated Woodpecker for the past 4 years. This year, we now have a female. I have a picture of the 2 of them on the suet feeder tree. Would you like to see the pictures?

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