Ping Wang's Lab

Department of Entomology

Welcome to the Wang Lab!

       Our laboratory studies the biochemical and molecular basis of insect midgut physiology and interactions of the midgut with host plants and microbial pathogens. The research objectives are multifaceted. Our fundamental research aims at the understanding of important physiological and defensive mechanisms in the midgut and identifying novel target sites for insect control. Current research projects are focused on the identification and functional studies of midgut genes and their protein products, and molecular genetics of resistance to insecticidal toxins in a lepidopteran, Trichoplusia ni, using both biochemical and molecular approaches and genomic and proteomic technologies. Particularly, we are interested in the midgut genes and their products that play important roles in metabolism of and adaptation to plant chemicals, in interaction with microbial pathogens and in resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis toxins. The long term objectives of research include elucidation of defense and resistance mechanisms of insects against insecticidal chemicals and microbial pathogens, identification of new insect target sites (mechanisms) and development of novel strategies for insect control with the knowledge obtained from our basic studies.

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