Cornell Virology Program

Welcome to the Cornell Virology program. Our goal is to link the different Virology laboratories at Cornell together, and to share information about the activities, collaborations,  and opportunities. There are a number of different faculty throughout Cornell who participate in the program, and you can find out more by following the links to individual faculty web pages on the Faculty page. The Journal Club/Research meeting is every Wednesday during the academic year – at 10:10am in Lecture Hall 7 of the Veterinary College, and the program is listed on the Journal Club page. If you need more information do email any of the faculty, or Colin Parrish (

There is also a Cornell Virology email list that is used to share information on our activities, journal clubs and seminars. You can join that by emailing, and include the word “join” in the subject line.

Luis Martinez-Sobrido from the University of Rochester talking about his work on Zika virus, and the effects of mutations on the disease seen and the immunization that resulted.

Robert Lopez-Astacio working in Colin Parrish’s laboratory – studying the evolution of canine parvovirus in different hosts and under antibody selection.