Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

Two entries into the University Events Calendar project and I am already having trouble coming up with good quotes for my post titles.  This does not bode well for yours truly.  (The above, by the by, can be attributed to Charles Schultz.)

The calendar project, I’m pleased to note, proceeds apace.  We had our official kick-off meeting last week and things are looking pretty good.

Here are some dates that are probably of interest:

All dates are 2008.

  • Project kickoff: March 13 -DONE!
  • Design Complete: End of April
  • Migrate one pilot user to new calendar: End of May
  • System go-live: Mid July
  • Project Complete: September

Our pilot users are:  CALS, Mann Library, the College of Engineering, and Campus Information and Visitor Relations (who own the calendar in conjunction with the OWC).

So, where are we now?

Well, right now, Zac and Ken are busy working on skinning the Bedework interface to look like our current events calendar.  They’re really, really close (I hope to have some screen shots, soon) and are just trying to work through some bugs.

Currently, the admin interface is not skinned at all, but that’s certainly also on the list of to-dos.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in CIT, a bunch of smart folks are figuring out the intricacies of Bedework itself.  Specifically, we have questions about how what they call categories relates to what we call categories on the existing calendar.  I also have something in my notes about “calendar structure”, but I confess that I am so confused by that particular aspect of this project that I couldn’t even begin to explain it to someone else.  Not yet, anyway.

Right.  So this is a big change to campus status-quo.  What are your questions?

I promise not to yank the football away,