Capstone Project Turning into a Popular Wine

When I was accepted into Cornell’s Viticulture and Enology program in 2011, I eager for the Fall 2011 semester and for my first VIEN courses to start.  As I looked at the curriculum and requirements for graduation, I saw that I needed to complete a capstone project.  I brain-stormed during my freshmen year on what I would do; in November 2012, I came up with the concept of Redhead, a new line of wine with a modern label.  I decided to use Redhead and record the process of initiating a new wine into the market.  I did not expect for Redhead to gain such popularity in the few short months it has been available; Redhead was launched October 2013 at L’uva Bella Winery.  For my capstone, I have kept a journal that recorded each step of the process including the concept, label approval by the TTB, deciding on the wine style, the winemaking process and how I gained resources to help my wine become successful.  I recently was selected to receive advice from start-up companies, Hello Perfect and Successify, which discuss with me how to make my product successful.  Both suggested that I create a twitter handle for Redhead (@Redheadwine) and an Instagram account (@Redheadwine) to gain an audience.  A wine blogger in California, Brittany Levine, who writes for Wine for the Win blog, recently reached out to me.  She featured me in one of her posts.  I have included a link here:  I am glad to see that my capstone project is doing well and I encourage all VIEN students to attempt to try to work on projects that they can potentially use for research or carry over to their jobs when they graduate.

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