Exchange program for V&E students in Vienna, Austria

Returning from a presentation in Vienna (Austria) I noticed that CALS has an exchange agreement with the University of Natural Resources & Applied Life Sciences of Vienna, or “BoKu”, as the locals call it. You can find information about the program and how to apply on this CALS page. BoKu has a very strong Agriculture and Food Science program, as well as Viticulture and Enology classes. You can find an overview of their courses here and the main page of the department here. A number of courses are held in collaboration with the State Research Station at Klosterneuburg, a short train ride away, and right next to the monastery Klosterneburg. I was able to visit their new teaching winery and it is among the best I have seen worldwide. Needless to say that the city of Vienna is beautiful. Please contact me if I can assist beyond the CALS information pages provided.


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