International Master Studies in Europe

Some years ago, I added a post about the Vinifera EuroMaster to this Blog. It is a Masters program offered by a consortium of European Universities from Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. You can find the original post

As you may know, one of our alumni, Erin Troxell, is in this Master program for the 2011-2013 terms.

In the meantime, I am aware of several International Masters Programs you may want to consider for further studies. Two of them are based in France and one in Switzerland. The lectures are all held in English, but the programs differ somewhat with regards to the focus and the course of the studies. E.g. for the Vinifera EuroMaster, all students spend the 1st year in Montpellier, and then choose one of the partner institutions for the 2nd year.

You can find further information using the links below:

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