Getting to Know Cornell, On-line Resources

A quick guide to useful CU sites, thanks to the current students at this week’s orientation.

CALS website: find out about the college, CALS distribution requirements, opportunities in research and internships, the Career Development Office, and more. Link to the Registrar and DUST.

Viticulture and Enology website: information specific to the major, such as classes, curricula, internships, and more. Link to the blog.

Viticulture and Enology internship blog: Current events, useful information (like this post!), and reports from student intern bloggers.

CUVEC: The student Viticulture and Enology club site

Student Center: Enroll in or drop classes, view grades (at the end of the semester), update your contact info, check the amount due on your bursar bill, and much more. Quick link: type “” in your browser.

DUST: view enrollment info, find classes to fulfill distribution requirements, view transcript, track progress toward degree fulfillment, and more.

Blackboard: used in many courses to distribute course info, submit papers, and much more. You can search for your classes ahead of time, but professors will tell you if you need to sign up for their class on Blackboard.

CUinfo: find course descriptions and rosters, event calendars, search for clubs/activities/professors, find dozens of useful links… as Will said today, it’s kind of like Google for Cornell.

SAO: Student Activities Office. Search for clubs to join by interest or alphabetically. Quick link: type “” into your browser. Also check out the Club Fest this Sunday in Barton Hall – details should be in the orientation schedule.

CU Dining: Figure out where to eat and how to pay for it. Quick link: type “” into your browser.

Schedulizer: Helps you organize your schedule when selecting classes for the next semester. Shows you all possible schedules based on your course selections. Not affiliated with Cornell but generally accurate and easy to use.

LaundryView:  If you’re on the Cornell network and logged in, you can see Cornell’s laundry facilities and monitor washer and dryer use before you get out the soap!

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