New Latitude Winemaking – broadened horizons and perspectives

Over the last 60 years, the “Old World” (basically Europe) has been joined by “New World” winemaking regions, the USA, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and China, to name the most important ones.

The vineyards cover areas that roughly extend between 30 to 50 degrees of latitude on the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

A new experience is to see elephants being involved in vineyard operations or floating vineyards, where little boats seem to be used for spraying or harvest instead of tractors. Seen on the website of Siam Winery, Thailand’s largest wines with an estimated 25 mio l production p.a.

With climate change, winegrowing regions may extend to the North (UK, Scandinavia) but new wineries are also found in Eastern Africa and other South East Asian countries.

It is already possible to find wines from Sula (India) at good Indian restaurants in North America.


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