Weeks 2 and 3 at Celler La Muntanya

I have now been working here for a little over three weeks, and it´s absolutely awesome! 2015-07-03 11.21.41Most mornings these past two weeks we go to visit different microvinyas.  It´s always really interesting to see how each one is different from the next, even though they all have relatively the same geographic location.  It really exemplifies the occurrence of ¨microclimas¨ which, in turn, produces slightly different wine from each individual vineyard.



2015-06-25 08.32.52

My favorite microvinya that we visited was one that had been recently abandoned, and which Celler La Muntanya is planning on recuperating and cultivating it back into to good condition, in order for a proprietor to purchase it. In the picture on the left, you can see how extensively over-grown the vineyard looks after only a couple years of abandonment.


Other than spending some time in the vineyards, I have also had the opportunity to do a bunch of interesting things in the cellar: IMG_7029

Making a blend of wine to be bottled and sold at a future date




Taking samples of wine at different locations in the tank to check for clarity, and then clarifying the wine with Bentonite.





Topping off the wine barrels IMG_6929 (1)




Taking samples of wine from different barrels to be tested to determine if they have been in barrel for long enough










I have also had the opportunity to meet some important people in the world of Spanish wine:


Juan Jose Ruiz Martinez, the director of Universidad de Miguel Hernandez


Victor de la Serna, the famous spanish wine critic2015-06-29 19.17.21





2015-06-29 19.24.01


Jose Vicente Guillem Ruiz, Ex-director del Area de Calidad Agroalimentacion de la Generalitat Valenciana

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