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Current members

Klaas van Wijk – Primary Investigator (  When not running, Klaas sits mostly in his office chair or walks the corridors looking for research activities and discussions. His passion is chloroplast biology, and trying to write up our research findings and find ways to fund them. Brief biography

Giulia Friso – Senior Research Associate ( Giulia is an expert in Mass Spectrometry (MS), in particular in its application in proteomics. She has more than 20 years experience in MS and she has trained many lab members in the art of MS over the years. Her Italian is also fluent!


Elena Michel – Graduate student ( Elena is unraveling plastoglobular functions in Arabidopsis both through experimentation and in silico network analysis. Ask her questions about R and cytoscape!


Imen Bouchnak – Postdoctoral Fellow ( Imen joins us from Grenoble, France. She brings her expertise in chloroplast protein sorting, biochemistry, molecular biology and proteomics skills to further determine the rules of protein stability in the chloroplast.

Michael Miller – Graduate student (  Micheal completed his BS in Plant Biology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a recent CBI training fellowship winner, Michael is untangling the structural and functional contributions of the chloroplast Clp substrate delivery system.

New postdoc in Large Scale Plant Proteomics Data Mining (Peptide Atlas). Position to be filled. Taking advantage of the Human PeptideAtlas proteome infrastructure at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, this three year project will generate the first PeptideAtlases for Arabidopsis and other plant species, based on hundreds of existing MS studies from laboratories around the world, and reanalyzed through a uniform processing pipeline. These PeptideAtlases and their metadata will be used to address biological questions and hypotheses in plant biology. The Postdoc will work in the van Wijk lab as part of team involving other scientists at Cornell and at the ISB. see advertisement



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