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There are currently more than 60 van Wijk lab alumni. They are a truly international and diverse group, originating from Europe (Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia), Asia (India, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Philippines, Singapore), South- and North-America (Mexico, Canada, USA). (Still looking for people from the 2 missing continents). We love this ‘melting pot’ and it makes for great celebrations, cultural exchanges, discussions and great science. We are working to stay connected to this alumni community via our Facebook Alumni group.

Postdocs and Research Associates (20): Gayen Dipak (Fullbright fellow); Nazmul Bhuiyan; Cyrille Mondandon (supported by SNF); Jitae Kim; Kenji Nishimura; Vinod Vijayakumar; Mingshu Huang; Jens Lohscheider (supported by DFG); Anton Poliakov; Yukari Asakura; Stefania Ghisaura (supported by an Italian postdoc fellowship); Boris L Zybailov; Wojciech Majeran; Verenice Ramirez-Rodriguez; Jie An; Mi Ja Lee ( supported by a S-Korean postdoc fellowship); Sushma Naitani; Yang Cai; Jean-Benoit Peltier; Thomas Röhl

Former Graduate students (9): Jui-Yun Liao (completed 2019); Elden Rowland  (completed 2017); Peter Knut Lundquist (completed 2012); Paul Dominic B. Olinares (completed 2010); Heidi Rutschow (completed 2008); Lisa Giacomelli (completed 2007); Jimmy Ytterberg (completed 2007); Andrea Rudella (completed 2007); Robert Nilsson (completed 2003)

former graduate students Lisa & Andrea – listening to the ‘boss’ in ~2006

Undergraduate students (* Cornell; ** other institutions) (23): ** Siobhan Calhoun (Summer Research Intern REU-NSF 2019); James Kessler (CU 2018); **April Wendling (Summer Research Intern REU-NSF 2018); **Sire Kassama (NSF – PGRP summer intern 2017); **Edaris Rodriguez Izquierdo (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2015); **Danielle Christine Garceau (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2014); **David Streid (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2013); **Jenna Haines (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2012); *Mason Appel (honors thesis 2011); *Erica Kay Barnell (Sept 2010-May 2011); *Zheng Ser (2013); **Audrey Ragsac (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2011); **Kevin Ronald Murphy (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2010); **Soo-hyun Oh (May 2009-August 2009) & technician; **Erin Galarneaue (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2009); *Xian Qu (honors thesis 2009); *Brian M. Connolly (honors thesis 2008); *Leyla Alexandra Davis (2006-2007); **Ryan John Whitted (2005); *Kieren Patel (honors thesis 2004) & technician; **Clara Cheong (honors thesis 2003) (Cornell Hughes Scholar); *Rachel Marie Ruggirello (2003); **Nicholas Licciardello (NSF- PGRP summer intern 2003)

Other International Research Visitors (10): Professor Hiroyuki Ishida and Hiromi Ishida, Sendai, Japan (Sept 2017- August 2018) ; Lisa Oskam – Master Student, University of Amsterdam (March 2018- August 2018); Suyu Jiang- Graduate student, visiting from Nanjing Agricultural University, China. Supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Apr 2016- Sept 2017); Oliver Gewohn, Master student, Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany. Supported by the DAAD (Sept 2013 – Sept 2014); Marel Chenge Espinosa, graduate student, visiting from the Institute of Biotechnology UNAM, Mexico (Jan 2014 – March 2014); Antonio Masi, professor, visiting scholar from the University of Padova, Italy (supported by Full-Bright) (2004); Louise Baars, visiting graduate student from Stockholm University, Sweden (supported by STINT) (2004-2005); Samuel Wagner, visiting graduate student from Stockholm University, Sweden (supported by STINT) (2004-2005); David Wickstrom, visiting graduate student from Stockholm University, Sweden (supported by STINT) (2005)


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