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‘Forecast’ weather update for May 26

Weekly weather update for professional turf managers from Frank Rossi:

Temp & GDD

Before the heat arrived, it was generally cool and damp to the south, with more moderate temperatures and dry to the north at 0 to 2 degrees above normal across New York and southern New England, 2 to 6 degrees above normal in northern New England. GDD about 1 to 2 weeks behind last year and vary between 1 to 2 weeks behind normal Upstate to +/-3 days in most other places. Soils in the upper 60s to low 50s south to north.


Precipitation was less than an inch across New England, NY, NJ and NW PA and < 0.25” in upstate NY. One to two inch totals were common to the south of this area, and increased to over 3 inches in southern MD. ET was very high 0.75-1.25” and resulted in deficits in many areas.


An extremely warm weekend with temps 12 degrees above normal and typical summer hit and miss thunderstorms will persist into midweek. A cold front moves in Wednesday will signal a pattern
change to a wet and slightly cooler than normal pattern in the week two period. The rainiest stretch is likely to be Friday-Sunday.

For more turf-related weather info and decision-making tools, visit the ForeCast website.

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