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“I must admit, I was skeptical about using Concur and in particular the corporate travel card. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up the ‘points’ I get by using my personal credit card. On my first two trips using Concur, things went very easy. It turns out I really liked not having to wait for reimbursement for the trip. I still received the hotel and airfare ‘points’ so really, in the end, I found it to be very convenient. The one issue I also discovered is that for travel for federally funded grants, meals should go on personal credit cards, otherwise, all the details of what was eaten and where are in the Concur system which is auditable detail which is not necessary given per diem. Lastly, I really love the detailed record you can get from Concur of all expenses if you use the corporate card. It’s a great way to track expenses, particularly for grants.”

-David Lifka, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer,
and Director of the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC)

“I’m a senior (class of 2017) in the engineering school studying ORIE. Last summer, I interned as an investment banking summer analyst in San Francisco. We used Concur to help track our expenses (including daily meals, Ubers, flights, and other misc. corporate costs), and I found it very easy to use for the end user. I spent about 10 minutes a week taking pictures of receipts and then sending them to the admin who formally submitted the reports, and overall it was a very painless process and made my life easier.”

-Dan Fordyce, Cornell University ’17, B.S. Operations Research and Information Engineering 

“I have been using TripIt Pro personally for several years and have found it to be one of my favorite apps. It automatically takes information that comes into my email account, syncs it with my calendar and keeps all of my trip information in one place (air travel, hotel information, dining reservations, tickets for shows, etc.). It’s the first thing I check when I land and need to change flights – all the information I need is right there. It also informs me of any flight changes, from schedule adjustments to gate changes. It is a very reliable tool, and I’m excited to continue to use it now for professional travel here at Cornell.”

-Erin Mulrooney, Associate Dean for Administration, Cornell College of Engineering

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that the presentation of the booking pages appear very similar to commercial online booking such as Expedia that I am familiar with.  It makes me confident as a new user that I will be able to navigate this somewhat intuitively.

“I particularly like the feature of being able to upload images (either pdfs or photo captures) of receipts as I accrue them. This should be particularly helpful in managing receipts over longer trips, and I am hopeful also means that I am saving time for an administrative person in having to enter these later, once I have returned to campus.”

-Susanne Marie Bruyere, Director of the K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability and Professor of Disability Studies

“I worked with Concur while I was with a large international corporation. We used both the travel booking site and the Travel & Entertainment reimbursement software. The program was quite user-friendly. We needed set up a profile initially with a login. This setup included accounts and credit cards to be used for travel booking and some other information (like emergency contact). Then, it just worked like any other known travel sites. The reimbursement site was also very intuitive – it already contained the corporate credit card expenses (that the account was linked to), and did a classification of expenses by categories. It also reminded users what additional backup is needed (i.e., a scanned invoice for a hotel). It was a lot easier to use than the current system in place for reimbursement at Cornell. I think it will provide an easy and user-friendly experience to the Cornell community when it is fully implemented.”

-Tivadar Szegletes, Director of Finance, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

“I have used Concur Travel and Expense at a previous company that I worked for. I found the program to be very user-friendly and intuitive as both a traveler and a finance reviewer/approver.”

-Elizabeth Lowery, Controller, School of Hotel Administration

“I have used Concur at two previous companies and it’s so easy to use! Taking photos of travel receipts and attaching to expense reports virtually saved so much time and energy–looking forward to seeing it implemented at Cornell!”

-Elizabeth Arnold, Associate Director, Johnson Career Management Center


Peer Institutions

“In higher education, we have to be responsible stewards of the institution’s resources, and we’ve implemented Concur to help us save dollars and manage resources effectively.”

-Temple University

University of Tulsa