Connecting Other Mobile Apps

Concur’s App Center is the place to search for and connect popular travel-related mobile apps with your Concur account. Connecting mobile apps such as Uber, Marriott, United Airlines, and even Starbucks with Concur helps you get the most out of your Concur experience.

When you connect an app with Concur and add your Cornell Travel Card as a payment method in the app, and then use the app to pay for services, electronic receipts are automatically fed into Concur and matched with your travel card expense for those transactions. Also, if you use an app such as a hotel or airline app to make reservations, the reservations will be synced with your Concur itinerary.

TIP! If you add your Cornell Travel Card as a payment method to an app, such as Starbucks, you will have to remember to switch to a personal payment method when using the app to pay for personal expenses. You can also add your travel card to other apps that aren’t connected with Concur, such as Parkmobile, and the same caution applies.

You can browse the selection of apps that can connect with Concur in the App Center by category, or search for the app by name or keyword.

To Connect an App to Concur

  1. Find the app you want to connect and click the Connect button.
  2. Click the I Agree button to agree to allow Concur to communicate with your app.
  3. Follow the prompts to connect your app with Concur. The vendor of the app will request that you log in to your account to make the connection with Concur. Many apps have a support section on their website if you need assistance.

When you’ve successfully connected your app, the app’s page in the App Center will show that you are now connected and provide the option to disconnect.