Adding Credit Cards

  1. In the Credit Cards section of your, click Add a Credit Card to add personal or corporate credit cards.
  2. Enter the card information and select what kinds of expenses you will be charging to this card to make it the default card for those expenses.

    By using the new Cornell Travel and Meal Card, you won’t have to wait for reimbursement or spend personal funds, and all expenses charged to the card will feed directly into Concur, which will help simplify your expense reporting. You can also enter your own personal card if you will be using it for any reimbursable expenses.

  3. Enter your billing address for the card. For the Cornell Travel and Meal Card, the billing address will be the address you gave on your card application, typically, your home address.

    A note about the Cornell Travel and Meal Card: You will receive a cardholder’s statement from U.S. Bank; the statement is not a bill. You are responsible for reviewing the statement to ensure that the transactions are valid. If you do not recognize a transaction or if you think you have received a fraudulent charge, contact U.S. Bank immediately. The phone number is listed on the back of your card.
  4. Click Save in the Add a Credit Card dialogue box.
  5. Click Save under the Credit Cards section.


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