If you have ever wished that Cornell had a one-stop travel solution that helped you make reservations, manage your expenses, and simplify reimbursement requests, your wish is about to come true. Cornell is implementing Concur, a cost-effective, leading-edge, web-based solution that lets you manage all of your travel-related tasks, from approvals to reservations to international travel registration through reimbursement and reporting, all in one place.

Rule-based workflow helps you do it all in line with university policy and sponsor, state, and federal regulations. And with Concur’s mobile applications, you can manage your expenses, view your itinerary, and even book travel on the go.

While we can’t affect delayed flights, cramped seats, or long travel days, Concur, with its broad partner relationships and advanced technology, will provide an improved experience to Cornell travelers.

Concur’s travel reimbursement functions will replace Cornell’s current Travel Reimbursement System. A team of faculty and staff members will evaluate Concur’s modules to validate whether they meet Cornell’s expectations for overall savings and functionality. Cornell will implement only the modules that meet expectations and provide process improvements. Although travelers will only be required to use the travel reimbursement functions of the system, travelers and travel arrangers alike might quickly see the timesaving benefits of using all of the services Concur offers.

Interested Cornell faculty and staff members can connect with the Concur project team, provide feedback, and get more information on this website or join the Concur Yammer group.

Implementation is expected to complete by the end of the 2019 calendar year.