Connect Your American Airlines AAdvantage® Account with Concur for Streamlined Business Travel 

SAP Concur and American Airlines have created a powerful integration to improve your business travel booking and expensing experience.  

Connecting your American Airlines AAdvantage® account has several advantages:  

  • Receive AAdvantage member benefits.  
  • Stay informed and adjust travel plans from anywhere, at any time with TripIt Pro 
  • Have American Airlines receipts waiting for you in Concur.  
  • Easily follow Cornell’s travel policy.  

To experience these benefits, if you haven’t already, activate e-receipts on your Concur profile (Profile > E-Receipt Activation) and add your AAdvantage program to Frequent-Traveler Programs (Profile > Frequent Traveler Programs). For detailed instructions on adding frequent-traveler programs, see step 6 on Completing Travel Preferences 

You can also watch this step-by-step video to see how to connect your AAdvantage program and book directly with American Airlines while having your reservation flow directly into Concur.

When the connection between Concur and American Airlines is activated, you’ll receive an email from Concur letting you know if the connection was successful. If you’re notified of a failed connection, follow the instructions in the email.