Introducing Concur Expense Assistant

A new feature of Concur called Expense Assistant is designed to improve and accelerate your expense reporting experience. Expected to be released to Cornell users later this year, Expense Assistant automatically adds your Available Expenses to an expense report for your trip. It can create a new expense report for you or add the expenses to an existing report.

How Expense Assistant Works

Once you’ve activated it, Expense Assistant adds all eligible available expenses to a new or existing expense report, and it will continue to add new, incoming transactions for your trip based on your trip and matching transaction dates. It will also create a new report for each trip when new expenses for a planned trip begin to come in. You’ll receive a weekly email summarizing the activity on your open expense report. You will also be notified when an expense comes through that needs a receipt.

You must still review and submit your expense report yourself. When you’re ready to review your report, you’ll see all automatically added expenses formatted in bold. The expenses remain bolded until you review them. You can remove expenses any time until you submit the report. Expense Assistant will not move expenses to a report that is in Returned status. However, if it finds items in Available Expenses that match expenses on the returned report, it will move them to that report and match them for you.

More information will be available soon. Watch the video below for an Expense Assistant demo.

Expense Assistant for Concur Expense