New features will boost benefits of Concur Mobile

Later this year, two new features will add value to the Concur mobile app and make travel reporting even easier.

ExpenseIt Integration

First, ExpenseIt, the mobile app used to submit receipts with optical character (text) recognition (OCR) technology, will be integrated with Concur Mobile in July, streamlining the Concur mobile app experience. This integration resolves the confusion over the differences between ExpenseIt and Concur Mobile and makes OCR available in the Concur app. Currently, OCR is only available with the ExpenseIt app. This change will work nicely with the new Concur Expense user interface also being rolled out later this year. You’ll be able to scan your receipts to the Concur mobile app and, with the text recognition, your receipt will be matched with available expenses when they are received in Concur.

TripIt will still be available for tracking your flights and trip itinerary and making reservations.

Concur Drive

Second, Concur Drive, a GPS-enabled mileage-tracking feature, will automatically track your mileage and add it to your expense report. This feature differs from the current Mileage feature in the app, which is a manual process for recording mileage. Drive, however, features automatic mileage tracking either by trip or by active business hours if you report daily business mileage. Leave the app running in the background, and Drive will record the distance driven during the trip or business day. When you’re done, you can move the mileage expense to a trip report. The app will notify you if you forget to log the mileage. You can also set Drive to upload trips as expenses to Concur automatically. You’ll even be able to mark trips as business or personal, and you can remove personal trips.

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