TripIt Pro: Powerful features minimize travel hassles

If you’ve been looking for a way to minimize flight hassles and simplify trip reporting, TripIt Pro is worth your time. Once you’ve experienced the power and convenience of its mobile app, you might not want to leave home without it. Working in tandem with Concur, TripIt Pro organizes all of your travel plans into a master itinerary. It also tracks flights and provides real-time notifications.

TripIt Pro is one of the world’s highest-rated mobile apps for travel. Concur users at Cornell have access to the Pro features of TripIt and can connect an existing basic TripIt account with the TripIt Pro subscription. Normally, Pro features would cost you $49 a year.

In TripIt Pro, you'll see an itinerary showing your trip's activities organized by day in chronological order.
The TripIt itinerary.

How TripIt works with Concur

When you start trip reports or reservations in Concur, they will show up automatically in TripIt and create an itinerary. Conversely, while you can’t book trips in TripIt, you can start your trip itinerary in TripIt and you can choose to sync your trips with Concur, which helps you create your expense report when you get back to the office. You can even use TripIt Pro for your personal travel. If you accidentally sync a personal trip with Concur, you can remove it by selecting “Hide Personal Trip” on Concur’s Upcoming Trips tab.

If you make reservations outside of Concur, forward confirmation emails to TripIt Pro at using one of the addresses you’ve verified in Concur. TripIt can also automatically import travel plans from your email account and synchronize travel plans with your Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar.

TripIt Pro mobile app features

The chief reason you might want to use the TripIt Pro mobile app might be its powerful real-time alerts features. TripIt is designed to get you where you’re going with minimal hassle. It can tell you when to leave for your flight based on your location, traffic, and flight status. It informs you when gates or terminals change or when your flight is canceled or delayed, and it will help you find alternate flights. It will even tell you when better seats on your flight become available, based on your preferences.

This video demonstrates how these features work:

Instantly Organize Travel Plans with TripIt

Other handy features and options on TripIt Pro mobile:

  • Share travel plans with colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Find nearby restaurants, parking, and transportation options. Tap on any reservation (hotel, flight, etc.) in your itinerary and get details about these nearby services.
  • Start GPS from TripIt. Tap any reservation in your itinerary and tap the address to open maps.

If you’d like training on how to use TripIt Pro, feel free to contact the Concur Travel Project Team or visit our Training and Guides page. TripIt’s YouTube channel also has a wealth of information to get you started.

Need help setting up TripIt Pro to use with Concur? Visit Activating TripIt Pro.