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A little birdie tells you

Did you miss the best library workshop of the semester, forget about Banned Books Week or not know that the library is taking new steps to preserve its digitized books? Worry no more! Cornell Library is now on Twitter, sharing all the news that fits in 140 characters. Follow the library on Twitter for updates […]

Tweet tracker

Daniel Romero, a doctoral student in applied mathematics, is lead author of a new study that identifies the 100 most influential news media Twitter feeds. Web pages are ranked by an algorithm developed by Google co-founder Larry Page that ranks pages as important based on analysis of the pattern of links to and from other websites. […]

Martian Tweets

The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity have had plenty of work to occupy them since they landed on the red planet more than six years ago – but they still manage to keep their fans up to date on their adventures through Twitter (which didn’t even exist when they landed). And their fans appreciate it. […]