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Singing red

For fans of “The Office”: The Huffington Post is airing a clip from the final season of the sitcom in which Stephen Colbert, playing Cornell alum Broccoli Rob, upstages Andy – dressed as singer George Michael – when Andy books his former Cornell a cappella group to perform at the office’s Halloween party.

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The Cornell Store has erected a shrine to a character from the sitcom “The Office” who festoons his office with Cornelliana. Says Wikipedia, “Andy Bernard is highly insecure yet egotistical and constantly references his education at Cornell University … He is a 1995 alumnus of Cornell University, which he brags about. He minored in History. In […]


Cornell Alumni Magazine guest starred in an episode of the sitcom “The Office” when the character Andy Bernard, a Cornell “alumnus,” developed a crisis of self-worth while reading the Class Notes section. Watch the episode.